Thursday, March 18, 2010

On the Road to Megacon

MegaCon is short for Mega Convention drawing a respectable crowd and not just any crowd. MegaCon is a dream come true for the trekkies, anime followers, Star Wars fans, Star Wars troopers, comic book lovers, sci-fi film aficionados, and much more. You never can tell what you will run into around the next corner at MegaCon. It could be a full size Wookie, the Terminator, or even Speed Racer.

And this year I got to go. Little Me, Ruby! See, I am fortunate to have some very kind human friends who like to travel. Before this weekend, I had never left my hometown and boy I was excited to make my first road trip. We got up early Saturday morning and drove down to Orlando in hopes of seeing some of my sister fairies, meet new friends, and may be find a little romance.

From costumes and celebrities to models, magic and more the MegaCon show has it all. We walked down the hall of the Orlando Convention Center and through the doors and might as well have stepped into another galaxy. My journey through MegaCon lasted most of the day and we met some awesome new friends. The walls were lined with memorabilia and every gizmo and gadget from your favorite show, comic, and film. In short . . . I loved it and highly recommend you do not pass the opportunity to attend next year’s MegaCon in 2011 as I will be there too! Enjoy the pictures I have posted here and share with me some of your own pictures and stories from MegaCon 2010.

When we were waiting in line to purchase our admission tickets, we met “Primative American” as he likes to be called.

My first stop was to see my Jasmine sisters. It was great to have a family reunion and we even got some shopping in at the same time.

Go Speed Racer! How cool this was. He even let me sit in his real Mach 5 Speed Racer!

This is Stanley Morrison. He is an extremely talented dragon artist. I love his artwork.

Caution Lego train crossing!

I even got to meet R2D2! We were doing the moon walk together when R2D2 had a sudden short circuit. I went flying across the room and was not the most graceful fairy when I landed.

I am okay, just a broken leg. Who wants to be the first one to sign my cast?

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