Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Do you believe in UFO’s?

This week’s post is from a guy in our marketing department, whom we like to call The Ladies Man, although that nickname has nothing to do with this post. He has agreed to be a guest blogger for us when he sees stories of interest he feels deserve to be shared—and discussed. Enjoy…

There was a recent story in the recent news—a UFO was spotted in China a couple of weeks ago. After watching the movie E.T. as a kid, I have always asked myself the question of whether or not life exists elsewhere in the universe; however, it has always been a stalemate.

So here are my arguments on why I cannot come up with a conclusion…


1) The universe is bigger than any of us can possibly imagine. NASA recently released a new photo of the entire galaxy using the latest and greatest technology, enabling them to take a picture 5 billion light years away. It would be selfish to think humans are the only inhabitants.
2) There are some really incredible Alien movies that make me want to believe there’s other life out there. I could go on forever on rants about these movies, but I will keep it short and say that my top three are The Abyss, Signs and Contact.
3) True TV. If you have ever been in “zombie” mode late at night and cannot sleep you have probably seen these shows. They are actual home videos of un-ordinary objects in the sky.

POSITION 2: UFOs Are Phony

1) If they were real, there would be some hard evidence! The True TV shows always get debunked by science.
2) The government would have told us by now if Area 51 was real. Trusting the government may be a challenge for some of us to grasp, but over the course of 50 years, someone would have leaked some juicy evidence by now, right?
3) Simple faith—God only created earth.
4) If the Aliens traveled light years to get here, they would do more than just a fly over. They would leave some sort of scientific footprint.

So…what do you believe?
And what are your favorite sci-fi movies that have aliens?

For all of you who not seen the UFO recently spotted in China here is the link for the news report.

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